The Amateur Radio Licences and Tuition


  • Operating amateur radio equipment requires a licence issued by OFCOM.
  • There are three types of UK licence that can be taken one at a time to allow easy progression.
  • A Foundation licence, can be followed by an Intermediate licence and finally an Advanced licence.
  • Each examination pass permits you to use higher power levels on a wider range of frequencies in designated bands, from low frequencies to microwaves.
  • NCRC provide tuition and practicals.
  • Operating experience is gained using, with supervision, the on-site radio station, GX0BAA.
  • We are also an approved examination centre.
  • Appreciating that many do not have time during the week to attend a course, NCRC offer theirs on SUNDAY EVENINGS, commencing at 7:00pm.
  • Examinations and markings are also arranged for the same time.

Type of Licences

The entry level is the Foundation Licence which is designed to get you involved in amateur radio as quickly as possible. It enables you to operate commercial equipment at low powers (10 watts) which is sufficient to contact other stations overseas.
(6 evenings study, includes practical assessments which are part of the exam.)

The Intermediate Licence allows you to operate at powers up to 50 watts, and build or modify your own equipment if you want. Part of the course is project based to give training in soldering and instrumentation.
(11 evenings study, includes project assessments which are part of the exam.)

This licence is for those who want to really get to grips with the theory and practice of radio communication and allows you the full permitted power on all bands. It is equivalent to the original RAE City & Guilds Examination before it was split up into the present three stages.
(15 evenings study, can be reduced by studying at home.)

Licence Examinations

Foundation Examination.....

Intermediate Examination.....

Advanced Examination.....


Examination Registration Fees.....

Licence Course Book Examination
Foundation £4.99 £27.50
Intermediate £6.99
+approx. £10 materials
Advance £11.99 £37.50

The Examination costs are set by the RSGB and they may vary from time to time.

Other Expenses.....

Who to Contact

If you would like to enrol on the next NCRC Foundation Licence course, for the next session of Intermediate Licence practical assessments, or Advanced Licence examination or if you would simply like more information on any of the above topics, please contact the Examination Secretary, Jill Gourley at or Mark at

Examination Study Materials

Essential Reading.....
From 1st September 2019, the new Syllabus 2019 is being used for training. Further information here. Click here to take you to the RSGB website for student and additional information. Or use the links here to order publications directly from RSGB online shop:

We also highly recommend.....

Further Reading.....

The latest version of the Combined Syllabus Specification is available (July 28 2019):

Training resources and further information are available on the RSGB website including.....


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