The Voices - Radio During The Cold War


Image - Gordon Adams The late Gordon Adams (5/6/1938 - 4/2/2018) was the founding member and long time chairman of the North Cheshire Radio Club. He wrote a series of articles entitled 'The Voices' on the uses and abuses of radio during the Cold War which were originally published in the RSGB RadCom magazine during 2000/2001. They have been listed here as a tribute to him and his many services to the hobby. They begin by recalling how on being given a Philips radio with short wave bands when a teenager he became interested in listening to Radio Moscow and other European stations and the jamming activities. This sparked a life time interest in radio and its use during WWII and the Cold War, much of which has been distilled into the articles below.

The Voices

We are pleased to announce that the RSGB is planning to publishing the articles in a properly formed book entitled 'The Voices' and to serialise them again in the RadCom magazine. Those who have old copies or come across them on the internet might like to take a prevue by checking out the following list.


Much of the current propaganda in the form of misleading information and 'fake news' is now transmitted via the internet instead of by radio. However the number stations are still in use today because they can be received with basic short wave radios without leaving any electronic footprint. The only change is that many of the stations have switched from voice or Morse code to digital tones. More information can be found on Numbers in the Air with example recordings listed at the end of the link.

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